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Hello my fellow im-on-a-computer-right-now-dont-judge-me-ers.
It takes me to long to get back on this site anymore. Shocker.
Ive been off and on for almost three years now.
Lets see- Lets see.
I havnt changed much, I mean I did but IM BACK.
Just as vindictive- just as spiteful.
Whats the difference?
Well. Im older. Thats for sure. Its my second day coming to school 
almost drunk. They dont have a clue oddly enough. 
I do have a boyfriend now, yeah relationships are a trip.
Err.... thats about it.
Ill update my journals again soon
if I have to.
  • Mood: Neutral
  1. 1.
    become dejected and lose confidence.
  1. 1.
    a state of unhappiness and low spirits.
I hate to say it, but ive grown up. My innocence and resentment has faded and I am just a shell of my former self. 
I am one of every sin, I am a shame to my family and friends. I lust after many, I envy those distant from me. I
hate those who airnt like me, better than me. I cannot help it though-
how fortunate these souls are to not be me. They do not understand my pain yet they judge me...I m bitter. I am
spiteful. I hold so many lives in the palm of my hand and I choose to throw the ones I dislike away "with a grin, a smile,
a laugh." 
I have become something worse than my former self. Im a monster, but no one sees it. I called myself despond because
its who I felt like at the time. Suddenly I see, I grew into my title. Bitter, dejected, lost. My wrath is deep and it never
ends, my anger and pain consume me and I let it.
I am getting worse. 
Not any better.
And one day I think ill explode...
I grew up, 
and im manipulative, angry, and full of intelligence and bad intentions. 

  • Mood: Disgust
Hello everyone.
Its been a long, long while and im sure ive been forgotten somewhat, people become distant with time.
My life.. its still horrible. Yes, I can say that with dignity though. I can tell you why it has been bad though-
today I got cheated on. Yay. I am not proud.. I feel betrayed. Yet, im still alive I do believe and I dwell
on that fact. I have made friends and highschool has gotten easier,but I can never really become to happy
with my life and I think thats simply because ive made it a habit. 
I hope you all have been doing well, and I hope to be on more. I have been going through alot though --
ever since school started again ive been to emotionally distressed. 
The least I can say is, I do miss everyone i used to talk to on here regardless. I do miss being Despond,
but its still mine to believe- I am still Despond.
And im becoming more and more like myself every day
  • Mood: Gloomy


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